I love this project that Mike Foster is under taking. Mike is the man who brought porn awareness to light in the church with xxxchurch.com. He has a knack for raising awareness of things the Church needs to address and respond to.

People of a Second Chance (learn more here) is awesome - advocating radical grace and forgiveness.

In light of John Edwards and other leaders moral failures in our world - we need radical grace and forgiveness.
When thinking about great church leaders like Ted Haggard - we need radical grace and forgiveness.
In light of the failures in my life - I need radical grace and forgiveness.

If we all think about it, we are probably the byproduct of Second Chances, our marriages, our lives, our very relationship with God - all Second Chances.

I’d love to hear stories of your Second Chances – you can read about mine here.


Brad said...

I'm going to write the book "a third chance is a human right"

Jewel said...

My second chance has a lot to do with "our" second chance. This marriage of ours, that is now so incredible, had a bit of a rocky start. I was angry, selfish, and out of control. Slowly, very slowly I am coming out of all of that to grow individually while you work on yourself as and individual. That has helped us to be better as we continue to work on "us."

Recently, I have gotten a second chance in the things that consume my thoughts. I have always struggled with body issues and feel free from those worries. Odd that it came after the changes of 2 babies, but whatever! I guess just seeing the incredible power of our bodies and what they can do, makes you focus on, just that, what they can do and not what they look like.

Just in time for my GIRL ;)

Ryan Billings said...


Ted Haggard, oh man, where to begin. The only forgiveness he needs is for being a hypocrite. Try practicing what you preach or better yet embrace the lifestyle God gave you, whether it be gay, straight, or whatever and stand up against those who judge, persecute, and segregate.

Oh yeah... Drugs are bad, mmmk.

Kevin Davis said...

Ryan, I want to post a reply to your comment, not to debate, but because this is my blog and I want to. But if it is a debate, we've know each other long enough to disagree and still love each other.

But to say 'embrace the lifestyle God gave you, whether it be gay, straight, or whatever' seems off on my theological meter. I don't pretend to know it all, but do have some insight and opinion that is more than mere repeating of some judgmental-mainstream-conservative-Christianity view. In fact liberals and liberal Christian’s will disagree with it and conservative Christians alike. But here it is.

Is man by nature, monogamist? No. In fact we are worse than animals in that we'll hump everything from inter-species to apple pies. We are infatuated with it, we love and like all God-given gifts, we abuse it. Man is monogamist by choice, by prudence and perseverance. All of Gods creation is confined by boundaries - boundaries that protect the gifts, not to create narrow-minded lists of do's and don'ts. When we live within their designed purpose of life - love, sexual morality, forgiveness, etc, - life is fulfilled. When we step outside those boundaries - hate, sexual immorality, unforgiveness, etc - consequences follow, mainly separation for a holy God.

I know you well enough to say that you wouldn't argue 'embrace the lifestyle God gave you as an adulterer,’ and neither can you say someone can ‘embrace the lifestyle God gave you as a homosexual.’ God’s called us to live monogamist lives, one man and one woman.

My own battle with sexual addiction can bring this to light better. God didn’t create me to think impure thoughts about women (his daughters) or to want to watch porn. Both of those things are opposite of God and a perversion of his design for my life. So through prudence and perseverance I protect my thought life, respect my wife and realize the struggle I will always have to think and be more like all the other guys and less like the guy God made me to be. The same is true for a homosexual. God did not create them that way, though they may have strong, innate tendencies that make them think that (and some research is backing it up). But it is just as wrong for them to accept ‘God made me gay,’ as it would be for me to say, ‘God made me a ho’ and justify an affair or looking at porn or just thinking impure thoughts. God’s words to us describe a life of beauty and holiness, separated from the natural, animal-like tendencies we humans struggle with.

Kevin Davis said...

Sorry that is ridiculously long.

Ryan Billings said...