Stupidity on Global Display

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Pictured above is the Spanish national team posing for an advertisement before heading to the Olympics to represent their country. They are all slanting their eyes - what the?

Apparently the Olympics are a global display of the world’s best athletes and the incredible stupidity of some people. I have no idea what they were hoping to accomplish.

Article here and here.

Found another example of Stupidity on Global Display - click here.


Ryan Billings said...

I don't see what's wrong with distributing condoms. It would be stupid not to.

Ryan Billings said...

Also, re: the photo... The PC factor is not universal - some players still don't think it was racist. The photo was used for marketing purposes and initiated by a sponsor.

BTW, the team is also sponsored by a Chinese athletic company similar to Nike.

The picture has been in circulation for awhile, but only until it was picked up by a British paper, did it become newsworthy. Just sayin'

I personally don't think it was in good taste. Should the players know better? I would assume so, but they follow their own cultural tolerances, which may or may not be in accordance with my own.

Kevin Davis said...

Ryan - I'm just wondering why they would do it?

The condom deal is crazy to me, not that they're distributing them, but that there is that much humping going on. Aren't these athletes focused? Maybe it's their cool down? Maybe it isn't the athletes, but their moms?

Anyway - call me soon, much to catch up on.

Kirstynn Evans said...

I depend on your olympic DRAMA!!! I LOVE IT!