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Time for another installment of YGBKM, or What the Crap?, or Seriously?

Not sure about this one - but it is hilarious. What I'm trying to figure out is why they thought a correlation between breakfast and God coming back made any sense? And I'm not sure who to feel bad for, that lady or him or you?


Heather Nicole said...

wow, there are just so many things wrong with this - I couldnt even get through the whole song.

Is sugar and rice breakfast food?

Where do you find these things!

Kevin Davis said...

Sugar - yes (i.e. most cereals)
Rice - gonna go with a no on that.

This was actually talked about on a local radio show - thus I had to share it.

Nicky said...

Okay, I haven't watched the video yet, but yes I can attest to the fact that sugar and rice is a breakfast food. When I was growing up poor in the Midwest, I would eat rice in the mornings mixed with sugar and butter for breakfast. It was yummy, and sometimes...I still eat some just for old times' sakes. =)

The Running Golfer said...

No more bacon, no more sausage, no more orange juice...

That was awesome!

Kevin Davis said...

Nicky - I grew up poorer too, but not sugar and rice poor I guess.

Francois - that's 'No mo bacon, no mo sausage, no mo orange juice'