This is the most important thing I could post about - because it is closest to who I really am. I love the discussions we have on here and having an avenue to unload my thoughts - not to mention all the friends I've made here - but none of those things have capture me as fully as the new section I opened on the third place called 'Recovery.'

Follow the link, or use the tab in the top nav and find out more about me than you probably wanted to know. You can watch 2 videos, about 11 minutes of your life, to know the broken side of me and why third places are so important to me - they've saved my life.

God has opened so many doors for Julie and through our story, it is amazing what just being honest and real with people can do. Even in just the past few weeks - God has brought about some amazing opportunities to partner with people on their journey in life and recovery.

Much love....


Chris Chowdhury said...

Thanks for sharing your heart like this.

Kevin Davis said...

Chris - you're welcome man.