Lessons from the Flobots...

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I know I talk about the Flobots a lot, but I love them (see what I mean here, here and here). But I don't just love their music, I wholeheartedly respect who they are trying to be as a band. If you've never checked out their non-profit you should over at the Flobots.org.

Anyway, they have a few phrases and ideas in their album that I think the church and followers of the Way can learn from.

Fight With Tools: That's not just the title of their album, but the message they are spreading. They encourage people to not just complain about what they see wrong in the world around them, but to fight with the tools they have within themselves.

I love that message. If change is what we want to see, then we also have to be willing to work towards it - to actually do something. I can't even count the amount of times I've listened to people criticize and judge people and churches for the way they are doing something - but at least they are doing something. Right?

Passivist Guerrillas: This is along the same lines, but I love the image that comes to mind. And is explains the American flag bandanna's they wear around their faces, like American terrorist (which is also one of their criticisms of who we have become in the world). Echoing MLK, they urge people to take part in passivist guerrilla warfare and fight all that is wrong in our world. The resonates with me.

Homemade Heroes: This is a phrase in one of their songs that always sticks out to me. What the world doesn't need is more PR Heroes, who do good as long as it aides their celebrity status or their sponsors. The world needs more homemade heroes, average Joes who are working for something better because it is the right thing to do.

For too long we have become people who attend chruch and lay claim to the good the church is doing, while doing very little ourselves. That is neither the message nor the Way - we are all called to action and to serve the 'least of these' in our world and context. Who are you currently walking besides on their journey towards Jesus and salvation? How much are you doing or not doing?



Francois said...

Hey Kevin! I just popped in to wish you and your family a wonderfully blessed Christmas and New Year and thanks for the friendship, it`s been a true blessing in my life!

God bless!

allie said...

If that is the drift of the lyrics, they are fantastic!
Thought provoking and challenging.

God bless you and your family over this special time. May He be blessed by the devotion of us all too.