The Flobots Show

Posted by Kevin |

So last Friday night I went to see the Flobots in downtown Detroit - it was amazing. The Flobots are from my home state of Colorado and are a group dedicated to more than just music. Their new album is a cool movement that takes you from current America to a new America. They argue for equality, the end of the war, community involvement - I love any band who is trying to say something, not just sell records.

But the true test of any band is the live concert - and they pass. It was my first time seeing them and will not be my last. It was awesome. I even got to me Stephen before the show.

Check 'em out at http://www.flobots.com/ and http://www.fightwithtools.org/
and YouTube is full of videos of their shows - I love these guys!


Francois said...

Awesome Kevin, loved the video. They look like an amazing band.

Jewel said...

Glad you had so much fun babe!