Did This Really Happen?!?

Posted by Kevin |

I'm all for the Immigration regulations, but if this is really happening in the land of opportunity - it's wrong.

I read this story about Hiu Lui Ng, a computer engineer who lived and worked in NY with his American wife and 2 sons. He had lived in America since '92 and though he had overstayed his work visa was going through the process of obtaining his green card. But when Mr. Ng showed up for his last interview for his green card he was detained and transferred back and forth between detention facilities for months. During which time he began to complain about pain in his back, which became crippling. He was never diagnosed and died from an aggressive form cancer.

Seems like something is missing, that this wouldn't happen in our country, it seems like he would have had to actually have done something wrong, committed a felony or something. There are unfortunately more stories like this - you can watch a video here.

Hardly an illegal immigrant in my opinion. What's yours?


Anonymous said...

I think that there does need to be more watch over the immigration, but each person that comes in should have a type of immigration counselor, hired by the gov't, to help them. Each counselor takes 5-10 immigrants, and helps them on their walk to citizenship.

Cassi said...

we can only hope and pray now that their stories will lead to a clean up of the system...

I always thought that private jails might be better than what we have today... but now I don't know. It appears they don't have the same standards or the watchful eye of big brother to keep them in line. hmmm...

But then again - I used to work for a government office. I couldn't stand it... I was actually cornered by others in the office and threatened if I didn't slow down my work because I was making them look bad.

Anonymous said...

I already do wear the dad shorts...a problem I inherited from my father, as you know.