I mean really. Do I have to say any more.

I was recently going through my 'childhood box,' not sure if you have one of those, but it is full of hospital bracelets and other memorabilia from your younger days. Well mine was full of wrestling medals and pictures, elementary school assignments and I found a picture of the 'Power Team' (mullets and all) who I saw when I was a kid. First I couldn't stop laughing, then I laughed some more - and then I thought I have to post this.

Seriously, what could better show the strength of God's love than a man ripping phone books, bending metal and breaking bricks? Seriously?


Ryan Billings said...

"Seriously, what could better show the strength of God's love than a man ripping phone books, bending medal and breaking bricks? Seriously?"

... doing it naked with dictionaries.

Man, these guys were strange, makes you wonder if this was ultimately a good or bad thing (perception-wise) for the cause?

Ryan Billings said...

Also: After watching it again, these guys most definitely juiced.

Kevin Davis said...

Juicin' for Jesus!

Mike McGarvey said...

Love the power team. haha. As a side note, I can rip a phone book in half. seriously.

and I will try it naked later.

allie said...

Now if they were all weaklings, without an obvious muscle between them, THEN one might say they are demonstrating the strength of the Lord, hmm?

All I could make out in the rap was "big ass. . ." - am puzzled about how that fits into the good news of reconciliation with God thru Christ

Ah well, life is full of mystery.

Seriously, some of these guys even came to SA when I was a kid - so they must be about 4th generation :)

Passionate for Christ they were - and maybe they reached people no one else could.

p said...

ahahahah, thanks for the memories! good old power team...i remember the days...have to give them credit for trying to share jesus even if it might not be the way we would, eh?

thanks for the encouraging words on my blog. we were bummed we couldn't hang with you all as well. there will always be other trips though! we'll let you know when we'll be coming through.

Ryan Billings said...

What would Jesus Juice?