This Photo Blew Me Away

Posted by Kevin |

So I've never used the 'next blog' link in the upper left - guess I've never been bored enough? Anyway, found this guy Sheng and he posted this picture he took. I don't know anything about the photo except that it is crazy cool. Where ever it is, it is definitely on my bucket list!


Kevin Davis said...

It is somewhere in Cambodia - does anybody know more?

Hayley said...

LOL, I HAVE been that bored! Its interesting what you find!

Great picture...wow!

Sheng said...

Angkor Wat. ( the place where the shotting of the movie Tomb Rider was taken place at )

Glad u find this pic interesting.. lol

ponderingloudly said...

this is a super cool place, I had a friend visit there last year and my sister-in-law lived near there for about 18 months.

Cool place to visit, but insanely dark place to live. They both said there's a heavy "oppressive" feeling all around.

The Khmer Rouge took control of the country in 1975 and killed/slaughtered approximately 200,000 people. If you're ever interested in a heavy yet gripping read the book "tears of my soul" is a young boy tragic story during those years.

Cambodia is also one of the leading sex trafficking nations in the world. Too many young children are sold and stolen into this industry each year in this country. If you want more info check out "notforsale.com" or "IJM.org"

they are a beautiful people and country yet terribly far from God and his healing, freedom and grace.

dewde said...

First of all I heart IJM. Those guys rock.

Second of all... awesome picture. It looks like the background in any number of video games I played growing up.