Coach Hines

Posted by Kevin |

I'm thinking about being Coach Hines for the Halloween costume party this year - I definitely have the legs for it!


Ryan Billings said...

You mean you definitely have the HAIR for it, right? :)

Kevin Davis said...

My hairline isn't that bad - yet!

Rev Med said...

That was nuts! I think as long as you grow a real stache it's cool

Kirstynn Evans said...

I think you should be The Joker! Although if you are the coach, I think Julie should be "Hail Mary Full of Bullets".

GreggLD said...

I'm doing Coach Hines for our Halloween contest at work this year. I'll have to be a white Coach Hines, though.

A coworker and I won the contest 4 or 5 straight times (twice as part of a larger team), but came in second last year. We're hoping doing a Coach Hines skit will put us back over the top.