Change The Day!

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Last night Micah and I were hanging out together drawing dinosaurs and other random requests on the driveway. I love the chances I get to just focus on him, not distracted by all the things that normally preoccupy my mind and just soak up his innocence.

My boys have taught me a lot. I never realized how much you can love someone or something until I held them for the first time. I thought I understood love from my family and my love for my wife - but there is this whole other dimension of love with your kids. I'm definitely crazy about them.

Here are just a few of the joys my 3 ½ year old Micah brings to my life:

He has lava powers in his hands and can melt me when we are wrestling - how do you compete with that?

When asked if he wants mommy to have a boy or a girl, he ordered a 'boy-girl' - we voted no.

While praying one night, he thanked God for his blood - unusual yet profound.

While driving down the street, he informed me the power lines were following us.

When asking him what he wants to be when he grows up, I asked if he wanted to be a firefighter, or a consultant like grandpa or awesome like dad - he decided he wants to grow up to be a long-neck dinosaur!

The best though, one night we were talking before he went to bed and I told him that someday he could change the world and that God has big plans for his life - his 3 year old translation was, 'Daddy, I can change the day?' Yep! Ever since he has wanted to 'Change the Day.' In fact just this morning he and Jewel were cleaning his room and she told him he has too many toys and could 'Change the Day' for other kids by giving them away. So, he proceeded to load a trash bag full of toys to give away - toys even Julie didn't want to part with.

Kids are awesome.


Ryan Billings said...

Well lets see... the only way to beat lava hands from what I can remember, is ice breath or zero Kelvin arctic blast emitter.

Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

wow great stories
if only we could do the same with our things...maybe adults could change the day too.
seriously convicted

Seda said...

Yeah, kids are awesome.

"When asked if he wants mommy to have a boy or a girl, he ordered a 'boy-girl' - we voted no."

Wow. That is so profound.

And so sweet.

And so innocent.

And so naive.

You definitely voted the right vote. No way do you want your child to deal with that kind of pain.

But if your he does turn out to be transgendered, how are you going to deal with it?

If he turns out intersexed, don't - DO NOT - let the doctor decide his gender (female, every time) with a scalpel. Believe me. You can't change that operation back. Let him decide when he's old enough to know who he is.

Believe me. Please. For your child's sake.

It's not your body that determines your gender. It's your soul.

Ryan Billings said...

^Umm, mmmk?

Kirstynn Evans said...

is it wrong to arrange marriages at this age? Maybe by the time our kids are old enough, our culture will have accepted this practice. Nora + Micah! I LOVE IT!!! Together they will change the world!

Kevin Davis said...

Kirstynn - how many goats are you offering?

allie said...

I think GOd arranged families so that we could get a glimpse of the depth of parental love.
And so a tiny peep into His heart for us.
Our kids are like an ongoing teaching before us . . . its so great!

I love the "change the day" idea - I think I will adopt it.

Maybe have it printed on a rubber bracelet like the old WWJD ones :-)

candice McGarvey said...

I will say Micah is the most creative and fun little kid I have ever met. That 30 min. car ride held so many amazing stories. I still think about that night and laugh!