Who Sends A Free DVD?

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So I got this free 'Obession' dvd in the mail (cool logo I thought) and like you probably would, thought, who sends out a free dvd? So I assumed it was either McCain stirring up some fear about the war on terror or some group of weirdo's with too much money. So I went to the website for the movie and one of the first things they address is how they've been accused of being politically tied - but they aren't. Or at least they say they aren't.

Regardless, I decided to watch it and it was actually really good. The point was to show the dangerous threat that exists with the Radicals of the Muslim faith, not Muslims as a whole.

The most interesting piece of the documentary are the parallels they show between the Nazi's and the Radical Muslims. For example, both used war propaganda to fear monger and essentially brainwash people to think that others are an imminent threat. Both Nazi's and Radical Muslims raise their kids to hate - but the Radical Muslims have a religious twist that makes it more dangerous. They showed videos of kids saying they would die a martyr’s death for Allah.

And then they showed actual footage of a Muslim leader who was sanctioned by Hitler himself to raise an army and wage war on the Jews of Israel. It was pretty crazy stuff. They also showed really disturbing footage of thousands of Muslims chanting, 'Death to America!'

Their point was that a lot of people didn't take the Nazi threat serious until it was too late. They even told the story of how Winston Churchill warned the world for years about the Nazi threat, but was never taken serious until WWI was a reality.

So at a minimum it was thought provoking and worth the watch - if you want my copy tell me and I'll send it to you.

I'm not saying we should take up arms, but I do believe that a time comes and order has to be restored through military force. Everyone knew that fighting in the World Wars was for a good thing, to bring down fascism - problem with a war on terror is that it is not centralized or one nation's desire for dominance. It is a messy and scary topic and the solution will be controversial at best.


Ryan Billings said...

But how do we differentiate the two?

Most Americans can't, so all will suffer.


Kirstynn Evans said...

Thanks for the overview. We got the sameone, and wasn't really sure what it was about, and didn't have time to watch it. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good free "date night"!

Kevin Davis said...

I don't know about a date night - you can just borrow one of our other movies you haven't seen - this is more of an educational experience, not real romantic.

Matty said...

I got mine with the newspaper and watched it with my wife (not for a date night) and she was shocked. I consider myself pretty well informed on world affairs and didn't think I could be surprised by much that comes out of the radical Mosques around the world but there was a lot that I hadn't heard about.

My favorite part of that DVD giveaway was the story in the paper the next week that said there was a public uproar - likely by people who never watched it - that "hate" was being promoted by their local papers. The story was half page and it took until the 5th to 6th paragraph to learn that literally dozens of people protested and hundreds emailed the New York Times.

40 people in front of a Portland newspaper building and few hundred emails to the NYT (which has a circulation in the hundreds of thousands) hardly constitutes an uproar, but you wouldn't know that by the serious tone and sheer size of the article.

Sorry for the tangent but to summarize... Good little video, not anti-Muslim.

Mike McGarvey said...

Stingy jerk it is.

allie said...

I think fanaticism is dangerous and scary wherever it raises its head.
I would imagine that ordinary Muslims would find these terrorists as dangerous too

Kevin Davis said...

Allie that is actually one of the things they addressed, that moderate or what I would call 'normal' Muslims not only condemn the Radicals but are in as much danger from them as non-Muslims.

Anonymous said...

The only way to fight this ideolgy is for moderate muslims to rise up and say hey..our religion has been hijacked! Education is everything!