Drill Baby Drill!

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What I'm about to say will sound more political than I mean it - I'm not arguing from a partisan perspective.

But something from the VP debate has been stuck in my head and I can't get it out. When Governor Palin said that people were chanting 'Drill Baby Drill' at their rallies I was confused. First I was confused as to why drilling for more oil on our land would be celebrated as a viable solution.

Maybe I'm missing something, and I'm prepared for someone to set me straight, but this just seems so obviously stupid. We as Americans have about 3% of the natural oil supply that could be drilled and yet consume 25% of the oil in the global market - why are we thinking this is a solution? Shouldn't the solution focus our resources on removing our dependencies from oil, not just foreign oil? I'm thinking yes!

And why would we spend the money and the time to build infrastructure to drill for oil on our land if we know it will only provide a short-term solution? Isn't our short-sightedness as a country what got us in this position in the first place? Not to mention the scarring and damage that will be done to our land.

Again, maybe it's me, but 'Drill Baby Drill' seems ridiculous.

I'm sure the S. African's that read my blog think we are a bunch of winey babies in America. And I know the European's have been paying too much for too long - they're probably thinking the same thing.



Francois said...

No trust me, 2 of the South Africans reading your blog would do anything to be in the States, whining or no whining!

What you say makes perfect sense Kev. I agree completely that the more pressing issue is to find alternative energy sources. Oil is a finite commodity that is running low. Rather spend the cash on finding new sources than drill for something that`s gonna run out soon in any case.

I have my opinions on your elections but I`d rather keep it to myself, might offend a certain party!

Rev Med said...

I am with you on everything, but scarring our land - our land will be fine in my opinion. But the rest, like you said, is a short term answer for a long term problem.

Ryan Billings said...

Look, the off-shore thing is funny because there are already thousands/hundreds of thousands of acres open to exploration that the oil companies choose not to drill because they are not lucrative enough to sustain.

We have been buying crude over seas because it has been cheaper than drilling here in ever harder to extract oil deposits. Now that oil is up, it is now financially viable to drill domestically. But, that's the problem. The oil companies squandered those rights to larger deposits because of a history of neglect environmentally. The oil shale of western Colorado and eastern Utah is one of the largest oil deposits in the world, but because of the difficulty extracting it (massive amounts of water needed, environmentally destructive, etc) it is still not a viable alternative.

Kev's right, the key to a long-term approach, and this is where McCain (not Palin) and Obama agree, is to use multiple forms of energy. Natural gas may be a quick solution (cheaper, far less pollutant) until others forms of energy become viable (solar, more nuclear, etc) but clearly the approach must be multifaceted.

Another funny thing about Palin's thought process is that she has recently flip-flopped on the whole global warming thing (which is ok)saying that is does exist and she can see it from her Alaska porch, but then goes on to endorse "Drill Baby Drill" policy. Does she not understand the link? Does she not see that fossil fuel is the problem?

We as citizens have an obligation as well - driving less, trying to live closer to work/play, taking public transit, car pooling, and not buying big gas guzzling SUVs built for 8 when you need it for 4.

Oil independence is not just a term to describe the US's effort to stay domestic, it is a term to become truly independent of oil as a resource.


Kevin Davis said...

Francois - what are you waiting for, move to the State's then and you can eat Johnny Rocket's every day.

Rev Med - I just don't think we should be hacking up our land, polluting shorelines and the like for a short-term solution.

Ry-Dawg - I figured you would have the most facts to add to the discussion, though your positive speaking on McCain's part surprised me. I'm with you on the multifaceted approach, as well as each person taking more responsibility for their consumption of energy. Speaking of which, I applied for a new job that is 3 miles from my house instead of the 58 my current job is. I'm heeding the call.

Ryan Billings said...

Sweet! Email me some juicy details!

Re: McCain, he is fairly progressive about alternative energy this campaign, his record shows a little different story, but I like the fact he's willing to admit to alternatives. Maybe he's just pandering but just getting it out and repeating it should hold him accountable.

Ryan said...

I agree, I think drilling not a good idea. I dont really care if they drill in Alaska, Its a, for the most part, frozen wasteland. Pipelines have actually shown to help the animal population.

As far as coastal drilling goes, I think It will cost way to much to build the refineries and the rigs, in the long run it wont be worth it. Plus its really not worth littering up our coast line with a bunch of crap. Its time we start being good stewards of our environment and stop destroying it.

One thing about Palin, If she wanted to drill so bad, as Governess of Alaska why did she not push harder for legislation allowing it? Just a thought. Maybe its because its a safe haven state during the tribulation and she dosent want to mess it up... :/

As far as energy dependence goes, I think we need to stop worrying about drilling more and spend those resources researching alternative fuels, i.e. hydrogen, electric, nat. gas, and clean coal. Another thing we need to do is drastically revamp our public transportation systems. Every semi large city needs to have a viable solution for mass transit. I know here in Springfield it sucks hard. In reality I have been to few cities that I would consider the mass transit good.

PS you should turn off the word varifaction, its a pain in the A

Ryan Billings said...

Just remember once you start its hard to stop.

One square mile of drilling in ANWR soon becomes the whole frackin thing because a precedence has been established. You're letting the foot in the door.


Denise said...

that is one of the things that i've come to dislike about Sarah Palin. Everything i would like to say has already been said, i should read your blogs earlier, darn that PST!

allie said...

As one of your SA readers, my five cents worth is that, if you are whiney (which I haven't noticed myself) you have plenty to be whiney about!

The economic situation for one but also the people you've got stuck with as candidates for elections.

Just looking at the combinations of your candidates for the President/VP positions is enough to give me a headache.

I mean: McCain/Palin or Obama/Biden -

I think Hilary might have bee a better bet *grin*!!

By the way, how do the Christians, let's rather say "Jesus followers" in the US feel about candidates using Christianity as their leg-up in the presidential race?

It seems fraught with danger to me.

For eg, this morning we heard on the radio here that the McCain campaign is being noted for using increasingly dirty tactics as the time for elections draw near -

What do you think?
Is there any truth in that?

PS Sorry, I know this does not have much to do with your question but I find this stuff fascinating.

And - oh yes! I agree with the guy who says lose the word verification.
I mean, how weird IS it - it has already identified the user (we don't have to type in our name and password)??

Kevin Davis said...

Allie - I'm sure some people have very strong opinions about candidates using religion as a 'strategy' for winning, but I personally don't factor it in. Everyone in the conservative Right didn't just make Bush the Christian vote, they made the fact that he is a Christian their main argument. And as history has now shown, being a Christian hardly means you should lead a country.

A lot of people clam to be Christian, I'm not sure what that means to others but I know it doesn't mean I should vote for you.