And He Was My Homeboy!

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I'm not going to lie - I like this shirt.
Check 'em out here.


Francois said...

he he, nice one...

allie said...

You think??

Anonymous said...

There is a big difference between being the “lamb of God” and savior and being a community organizer.

“Jesus was a community organizer” is actually something the anti-christian liberals started throwing around to insult Christians.

Obama is pro abortion and voted against the infant protection act. Infant protection act was to make sure infants who survived a failed abortion would receive medical care opposed to being left to die.

Christian or not Christian Obama is not even humane.

Kevin Davis said...

Hey Anonymous - please note a few things.

You are welcome to the conversation and I love different view points - so thanks for adding and I hope you do it again.

You are not however welcome to stay anonymous. If you have something to say, don't hide - just say it, share it. I normally delete anonymous comments (just for future reference).

Lastly, this is not a political post. At least it is not a partisan or political agenda driven post. I hate cheesey Christian cliche's and t-shirts. Jesus isn't our homeboy - but all this Obama stuff is unnecessary. If you believe that your vote should be driven solely by the issue of abortion then cool, but please don't pretend like McCain best represents our faith or our Savior. Both McCain and Obama are humans who have great flaws - neither of them are our savior and neither of them can a follower of Christ fully support.