When MSG Attacks...

Posted by Kevin |

So a crazy little story from our life.

5 years ago we found out that Julie has an allergy to MSG following my introduction of my favorite General Tao's chicken to her in college.

Not just an allergy but an actual reaction that freaks her whole body out.

For her, MSG triggers inflammation of a blood vessel in her head and when inflamed the vessel presses on some important piece of her gray mass and the following side affects happen:

-extreme dizziness
-slurred words
-paralysis of limbs/numbing of limbs
-loss of vision
-and other stroke-like symptoms

Yeah - crazy right! The Dr. called it a complex migraine. So yesterday it happened again. She stays relatively on guard from MSG, mainly at Chinese food establishments, but this time it happened following a girl’s night at Applebee's. Until yesterday it had only happened once and there was a lingering suspicion that the MSG was unrelated - but yesterday confirmed that MSG and Julie don't mix.

The unfortunate part is that I love MSG; I mean I love food that has it in it. The good news is, that the though the pain is intense and the symptoms are scary it only lasts a few hours. So after the ER visit and some rest she is feeling better today.


Aaron Sexton said...

Glad to hear she's ok.

Francois said...

Wow, crazy stuff!

allie said...

Thats so interesting - I mean -scary and horrible but interesting too.

Because my youngest son
(31) had the exact same allergic symptoms to some medications that are used for stomach upsets and nausea.

It has only happened once -we got a huge fright!

Now he has to watch out that he doesn't take anything with that ingredient again.

But it must be very hectic when its MSG - people use that in so many things.

Your wife has my sympathy!

Nicky said...

So glad she's okay! That's super scary, for sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she's better.
It's frightening to think of things we may be allergic to and aren't even aware.

ponderingloudly said...

crazy! Glad she's ok. SO, on a side note, we ever doing this phone call thing?