Preaching Politics?

Posted by Kevin |

So some pastors are choosing to mix political opinion/preference/biases with their Sunday morning preaching and teaching.

What do you think?

I think it's wrong. Watch the video below and tell me what you think and I'll add my comments there too.


Kevin Davis said...

I think the pastor in the video is being dishonest with himself and his congregation if he can say I endorses a politician on the grounds of 'biblical issues.' Both Democrats and Republicans support biblical issues and contradict them.

I think it is a stupid thing to do and at the risk of losing their tax exempt status it seems unnecessary. And since Jesus didn't care about politics, why do we presuppose that we should. I didn't see Jesus lobbying politically to make change - he just was the change and called his followers to follow suit.

The saddest part to me is that the Body of Christ, the Church is already so divided - why would we want to further the separation between red and blue churches?

But that is just what I think.

allie said...

Could not agree with you more, Kevin.

Its complicated even more when you have a party that identifies itself as a Christian party as we do here (S Africa).

It can put a whole lot of guilt on people who don't know how to check it out.

When I'm not sure, I look at Jesus's take -
He could so easily have started a political movement when He had all that support but He showed us something completely different.

Bob said...

So many topic used to be off limits in the church - Racism, sex, woman’s rights, sanctity of life, etc. all of which are know being regularly talked about - But not politics - why not - are our political ideas separated from our lives as Christ Followers - I sure hope not – The teaching of Gods Word is only “political” to those who oppose it – No matter what party

Kevin Davis said...

I get ya Bob - but I struggle not with the church talking about it, but with church leaders endorsing a candidate.

Student Ministries said...

Here's what I look for in a preacher/teacher: 1. Can they effectively teach scripture...in context, and not use it as a pretext for whatever point they are making? 2. Do they do justice to the whole of scriptural teaching, and not simply focus on the hot topics? I am tired of pastors who are nothing more than glorified therapists and motivational speakers. That being said, I think it's unethical and even stupid for a pastor to get so involved in a political process as to publicly endorse a candidate, and bully his congregation into voting likewise. However, the elements of politics that make up the whole of the system, such as, belief motivations, morality, views compared/contrasted to a Biblical worldview, human rights, etc, are all things that I have no problem addressing.