Thoughts on Gas & Chris

Posted by Kevin |

Two things have been bothering me over the past 24 hours. First - these gas prices. How can I pay over a dollar less a gallon than I was just a few months ago? I filled up on my way into work today for $3.09 a gallon - earlier this summer at the same gas station I paid $4.29?

I mean really, who picks these price jumps? Who regulates, controls this? How is it possible that it is so cheap now? And that is cheap compared to this summer - but it is still 3 times more than I was paying exactly 7 years ago! Stupid.
The other thing that bothered me is ole Chris - why does this guy still get a day on our calendars. We know he wasn't the first to discover North America (the Vikings had hundreds of years earlier) and we know what a jerk he was. We appropriately have days set aside to remember great people, like MLK and Presidents day, but should we really have a day for a guy who raped and pillaged the Natives of our land?

I'm all for extra days off (not that I actually got yesterday off) but I don't think this guy should receive any more credit or space on our calendars. No offense Chris, I just think it's stupid.


Ryan Billings said...

Firstly, Chris was a little bitch. And I didn't get the day off.

Secondly, something like 57% of gas cost is from the actual price of crude. So, when crude fell 30% in the past few weeks, you noticed the difference pretty quick.

Rev Med said...

I feel bad for you, we're paying $2.49 per gallon.
Secondly I think that black people in America have been shafted when it comes to celebrating their culture. So this "bitch" spaniard gets a day for doing what had already been done. But we give African Americans the month of February as a celebration of their culture and only celebrate Martin Luther King Day. What's wrong with this? 1. February is the coldest month of the year - You get where I'm going with this. 2. February is the shortest month of the year.

Kirstynn Evans said...

Ok, you sound like Joel, he also can't get over the Christopher Colombus day. You are right... it's stupid!