Could You Imagine...

Posted by Kevin |

First off, could you imagine how much these tattoos had to hurt?

Second, what is FUN on his chin for?

Third, I'd imagine the ears are a pretty tender area to tattoo?

Lastly, could you imagine hating something, some person or some race enough to permanently tattoo it on your face? What the....


Ryan Billings said...

A couple of years ago I was at a bar and some guy similar to this started $#!& with us. He proceeded to rip off his shirt and show off his myriad of racial tats. Apparently, he was just released from prison.

We kindly declined the fight.

The guy in the mug shot is a douche.

Kevin Davis said...

Freaking Un-educated Nation
Fracking Ugly Now
For Us Nerds
Fascinating Union of Non-nice people
Federation of United Neo-Nazi morons
Fishing the Upper Nook
For Uniting Neighborhoods
Fascist University of Nebraska

Just guessing.

Mike McGarvey said...

Even tattoos in the ears, ridiculous. The guy is so young too. It's hard to imagine how he developed so much hate so early in life.

Anonymous said...

This is unreal