Walk With Love

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Julie and I are putting together a 5K for our missionary friends Mike & Candice. I posted something for them a few months ago and we are doing our part to help them as they expand the vision of Teen Challenge in the fight against addictions.

TC has 1100 rehab centers in 82 countries around the world helping people gain control of their lives. My own father is currently a month into the program as he fights his own battle with alcohol. We believe in the organization - but it needs help. Like all religious non-profits they struggle to raise funds, but they are also struggling to respond to the ever growing demand for help. As of August 2008, 42 countries are on a waiting list, pleading with TC to come and help with the drug epidemic.

This is where our friends come in. They are heading up a Global Internship program to raise awareness and expose college students to the vision and ministry of TC. So, it was supposed to be a 10K, but we're lazy and figured we could raise just as much money in half the distance.

So for all you locals, contact me or Julie to join in (if you don't, we may contact you). You can run, walk, bike, roller-blade, horse back ride, piggy back ride - actually, you don't have to do anything if you just want to send money! And those that aren't local can help too - contact me to find out how.


Anonymous said...

I lied, sorry man.
We're paying $2.59.

Aaron said...

did you do the artwork?