Random Fact

Posted by Kevin |

I love birds.

I don't own any birds - nor will I, but I love seeing them. There is something about their ability to fly, their agile and fragile existence. If a shirt has a bird on it, I probably want to own it. Like I said - random.


Ryan said...

Just go to hollister... You can get lots of Shirts with birds. :)

Francois said...

Let me guess, a certain Alfred Hitchcock movie is one of your favourites?

Mike McGarvey said...

expect a bird in your mailbox.

Francois said...

Kevin, I forgot to tell you. I have a fascination with Eagles. Some of my business takes me to small towns here in the Western Cape. I see so many eagles and I have stopped and tried to get a good pic a few times. They are truly majestic.

I don`t however own a t-shirt with an eagle on.

There you have it, my own random bird fact.