I was scrolling through various blogs one day and found one that is dedicated to all that is anti-Bush, which included this animated icon in the header.

I too am disappointed with the Bush administration and can relate with a lot of the frustrations in our nation (i.e., the war, our fuel crisis, our foreign policy disasters, the faltering economy, etc.), but I can not relate with such hate. Even if it is labeled as a joke, it's ridiculous.

Though hatred stirs change, hatred also stirs irrational action. It is always easier to just hate rather than try to understand. It is always easier to hate than to engage, to prayer for, to work towards something better. This is by no means a defense for Bush, his administration or his actions/words. In fact, if you've ever discussed politics with me, you know I have a lot of disdain for the past 8 years. But Bush doesn't deserve to be shot, nor would that bring about the change people really want - the change our country needs.

The thing that bothers me most in our country is how we always discuss these issues like it's just that easy. Just vote for this guy, just vote 'NO' on this bill, just be a Republican/Democrat, just focus on this one issue. Like it could be that easy?

It will always be easier to just hide behind 'one' party or to simply judge the actions of one leader - but followers of Christ are called to be more. More importantly, we are called to do more. While I can be persuaded that voting is important, it does not replace my responsibility to engage the world around me and work for change - not simply desiring change, but being the change.


allie said...

Love your last paragraph!

Yes, it is all so complicated. I tried a while back to email you with some answers to your questions about South Africa.

I had to give it up
It is just so complex - so many angles - so many variables - its like trying to grab quicksilver.

And yes - even here, George Dubya is very unpopular. And many Christians struggle to relate to his way of thinking.

And maybe feel guilty about it simply because "he's a brother"

But the cartoon is pretty shocking in the light of the random "shoot people that irritate you" syndrome that is popping up all over the world, isn't it?

To me, living out our faith pretty much boils down to what you say in your last paragraph which brings me full circle!

We had to watch mad Mugabe drivel on during the signing of the 'agreement' with Morgan Changurai today.

Bush is a pleasure by comparison!

hisgirldee said...

i agree completely. I can say that I am truly disappointed by the current administration, and have been for the past 3 years or so. (Yes, I voted for him in 2004). But that by no means that I have the right to bash him or hate him... after all, even though I disagree with many of his policies he has been appointed to lead this country for such a time as this, right?

it just feels that a lot of the time people feel that it's so much easier to blame, to have a scapegoat as if that would make the situation better at all?

I'm an American, and i love this country, and i agree that there is much more to do than just voting. But I really wish that people complained a lot less, and stopped putting their hope in certain candidates because they can't save the world, or their souls :/

Kevin Davis said...

Wow - copy this link and follow a heated discussion between two Christians!


Ryan said...

Ha, I love that this post and mine happen simultaneously. Also I dont like Bush a whole lot but that is just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

bush Is the best ever... I think is you think otherwise you are going to HELL. This is a Christian nation dangit, we were found on Jesus you know.

Kevin Davis said...

Ryan Billings - quit pretending to be 'anonymous'.

Francois said...

Hot topic indeed! You would be surprised how much publicity the US Elections get here in SA. We all have our favourites who we follow.
Most everybody here is anti Bush and his administration. I agree that he has Christian principles but I feel that he cannot hide behind those when it comes to some very bad decisions he has made.

I agree though that the cartoon is over the top. Crazy actually.

Ryan Billings said...

"Ryan Billings - quit pretending to be 'anonymous'."

Well, that's just rude. ;)

Bush is da bestest. he savd me and maid this cuontry the bestest nasion on da planit!

I have to admit, I HATE Bushie sometimes, but I would never wish for his life to be taken away. I just want him to admit he and the people he surrounded himself with were wrong.