Feeling Art

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Abram Arkhipov was a late 19th early 20th century Russian painter. He painted a genre known as Eventless, which is defined as "a moment of observation meant to inspire the viewer's sympathy for its accuracy of feeling."

Basically, at least to me, they are very stimulating images of emotion. I love this one titled 'Washerwoman'. I can imagine the thick humid air, the sweat, the strong and wrinkled hands of these hard working women. I wonder how long their work day was, how many years they've worked those days - how much they've been paid?

It also makes me think about how hard so many people still work for so little - all to have the 'Lowest Price Guaranteed'.

See another version of this painting here or another Arkhipov painting here.


allie said...

What a breathtaking painting!

It draws you in instantly -

Gill said...

I wasn't even slightly interested in art as a youngster, but as I get older (aaargh!) I find myself becoming more and more interested in it. I really enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by my blog :-)