Spiritual pathways to God; Creation, Relational, Contemplative, Serving, Worship, Intellectual and Activism.


If you went to my church, you'd know that serving's name is John and Melanie White. The two most giving, dedicated and servant-minded people I know. They love to give of their time and talents for the community - it's what they do. Another friend of mine once said, ‘If I'm not doing something for my church community, I'm not growing.’ For him, the serving pathway was his life line to God and I would assume it is the same for the White's.

For me it doesn't come that easy and I have no problem exercising my 'NO' muscle, but I have become convinced that the best thing I can do with my life is serve others. Cliché - yes, but also true. Looking back on my life, I will not regret the time I spent serving others, but I will regret the time I spent serving my self in this consumerist culture.

So if serving is your pathway then it comes easy for you and the rest of us have to be reminded to prioritize it. Regardless, serving has the same benefits for all. I've never gone on a community serving project or a mission’s trip and felt like I was wasting my time. It always reminds me how blessed I am and always makes me feel more connected with God. And I guess that's because it connects me with God's heart - those experiences connect me with one of God's earliest commandments to us, use our blessing to bless others.

Actually now that I’m thinking about it, the fondest memories I have from growing up, the ones that most defined who I am today, were experiences where I was serving others.

What about you?


p said...

are you reading sacred pathways by gary thomas? i've been reading it and it talks about a lot of the same ways of connecting with god :)

Francois said...

Nice one Kevin, this post really hit home...

Kevin Davis said...

Pearl - I'm haven't read that, though I have been hearing a lot about it. I speaking to John Ortberg's 'God is Closer Than You Think' book. I read it several years ago and loved it. These 7 pathways are a good simple list, some get too exhaustive.

Julie said...

First off, THE WHITES ARE AWESOME! Second, this has been something that I feel like I am getting better at, but still have a long way to go. It is something that I really do want my heart to break for.