Review: Pagan Christianity?

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Alright - so I polished off 'Pagan Christianity?' today and let me just say it wasn't as epic as I had hoped. The opening had me, but as I got further into the book it became too repetitious for me.

In the end I disagree with his basic premise in the book, which is that if it is not biblical we shouldn't be doing it. By biblically Frank Viola means that the early church did it. But that is like saying it is not biblical to go to the doctor's office, since it is not specifically referenced in the bible. While it was never referenced in the bible, the bible isn't a book of all the to-do's and not to-do's of life. It is the story of God's people and His pursuit to redeem them.

It did challenge my thoughts on church and add to the discussion. Wasn't a waste, just wasn't epic.


Julie said...

I'm sorry. So sorry.

Bob said...

I agreed with the historical facts - just not the premise that he (Frank) pushed upon the reader. I think it's far more practical to relate Franks iedeas to small group life.
Taken to the next step - I would think that Frank would like to dismatle all the churches larger than 15 people.


I like that: "It wasn't a waste... it just wasn't epic."

I'm rockin' that sayin', baby!

IT WASN'T EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

I read the book and thought it was a real eye-opener. But the follow up to it called "Reimagining the Church" is epic! I just finished it and it's one of the best books I've ever read on the subject. There's information on it at www.ReimaginingChurch.org

Donald said...

I agree with Anony. Thought Pagan Christianity was epic. Thought the sequel Reimagining Church was epic-er.

Kevin Davis said...

I can't pass up epic-er! I'll put it on my Amazon wish list.