Tomorrow's Church Is Here

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Tomorrow's Church is almost fully operational.

It is a new blog I have started with the several other contributors to discuss the Church of tomorrow. I can't wait for the thought sharing and discussions to really take off, but I wanted to make sure all who give 'a crap about my thoughts, come join us at Tomorrow's Church.

The contributors are:

- A dude and his wife in Pennsylvania who work for a church, but just quit to pursue something else.
- A dude who got fired from his church job, now works professionally and lives in Michigan.
- A girl who recently graduated college, feels called to plant a church and is trying to figure it out - she's lives in Portland, Oregon.
- A gentlemen who sells tires and might move to Georgia but lives in Kansas City.
- Another dude whose a youth pastor and trying to change the churches ways in Atlanta.
- A married couple who are fulltime missionaries and part-time baristas and want to open a coffee house church – they live in Columbus, Georgia.

Check it out - Tomorrow's Church


Rev Med said...

I'd love to be a part of sharing discussion with you all.
I'm not sure that I have anything to offer on top of the resources you already are offering. But I'll def. subscribe, and be a reader.

As my former church's covenant went
"I am the church, You are the church. Together we are His."
Together, we are the church of tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my kind of church

Mike McGarvey said...

Thanks for saying Columbus, it means a lot.

Kevin Davis said...

Mike - you have no idea how hard that was for me. I was just talking with Jack the other night about it.

allie said...

I'll be following the discussion with great interest.
It looks as though new wineskin time is here.
Wonder how its gunna look . . .

Justin Chandler said...

I guess I'm the church of today and not tomorrow. Bummer...

Kevin Davis said...

[in a soft, gentle voice]
O' Chandler - you're both. We're just discussing how tomorrow should look. And your invited.