Sorry, but you're ugly!

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China held a singing competition for young girls and the winner would sing at the Olympic opening ceremonies. Unfortunately for the girl who won, she had buck-teeth and wasn't pretty enough. So the cutie with the pig tales, just lip sang to the buck-tooth's voice.

That's jacked up. I think they're both cute.

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Bob said...

Just another scam from a commie nation - The Chinese people deserve better and one day they will have it!

Ryan Billings said...

But remember, they are both fortunate for not being thrown in the ocean.

Side note: The opening ceremony was one of the most amazing spectacles I have ever seen. Simply Epic.

Kevin Davis said...

It was definitly epic. I heard something else about faking the fireworks? Not sure.

Kirstynn Evans said...

I also heard that they pulled all the sweaty and bald cab drivers off the streets till the olympics are over. But, they do throw one heck of a show!

Cassi said...

I personally think it's more than the teeth... the girl in the red looks more American... longer face... high cheek bones...

j.urbin photography said...

That's so sad...my heart aches for that adorable bucked tooth beaver. No but seriously...she doesn't even look buck to me...she's cute. You're a good blogger.

allie said...

I wonder how that felt to the 'behind the scenes' little girl?

I mean, how did they explain to her that that other pretty child with a bad voice was going to get all the praise and attention for her song?

If that ain't child abuse, I dunno what is.

They did a similar thing when they built walls around the poor and ugly parts of Beijing: just hide the bad bits and pretend everything is pretty and rosy.

Just like Mugabe did in Zimbabwe when he bulldozed down the shacks of the poor because he didn't like the way they looked . .

Oh man!
We live in a sick Barbie world . . .as long as the outside looks pretty, who cares what pain and lies lie hidden.

This is venting but this stuff really makes me mad

Francois said...

Yip, very sad but I have to admit the lip synching one is too cute!

With regards the fireworks, reports from here suggest that the "footsteps" were digitally enhanced. Not sure about the authenticity but there you have it.

I must admit I was in utter awe of the opening ceremony. It was absolutely brilliant.

Ryan Billings said...

Just like the Democratic primary, there is no real story here, they are trying to nitpick every last detail.

The real stories are the Sichuan province earthquake and the human rights issues of the past.

Karli Kristine Zimmermann said...

China: Destroying self-esteem one child at a time.

yeah, my heart broke when i heard this story. how disheartening. poor girl. and yes, the fireworks. China CREATED fireworks...they really don't need to impress us anymore.