Spiritual pathways to God; Creation, Relational, Contemplative, Serving, Worship, Intellectual and Activism.


This pathway is best understood through the idea of mediation, studying, pondering and the like. The contemplative pathway draws you to God through thought. It is a very introverted process. If you like this pathway then you love hours of uninterrupted time to be with your thoughts.

I love to think and get lost in my thoughts, but those don't necessarily draw me closer to God. For me, this pathway has to be played out with the relational pathway. When I read the bible, or a book, or listen to music or see a piece of art the ideas play over and over in my head. I meditate on snippets of larger ideas all the time, but for me, I need to talk it through with someone else. I need to hear my self articulate it and then dialogue about it.

But there have been incredible moments in the contemplative pathway when God has come alive to me through an idea. Sometimes its a verse that just runs through my head, other times its a catch phrase from a song and at other times is something someone said that captivate my mind. These contemplative moments draw me to something deeper, show me something about myself and often times solidify something God's been saying to me.

Does this pathway gel with you?


Jewel said...

I am so not gellin'