So I was going to circulate this article that adds to the conversation I've been having about the Christian vote in a democracy - read it here - it's a good addition. But when I pulled up the article to read it, I was asked,

'Whose hotter, Taylor Swift or Hannah Montana?'

I was like really? Really? I just wanted to read about voting.

I don't even know who Taylor is but I'm pretty sure I could go to jail for answering the question. But if you're 13 and can tell me who she is, I'd appreciate it.


Kirstynn Evans said...

Taylor Swift is a country singer. seriously.. get with it! =) I think she may be of age... if I remember correctly!

Thanks for coming over to the blog! I am a BIG fan of guy bloggers, and an even bigger fan of your wife and precious boys!!! Thanks for letting us DESTROY the kitchen. I am sure Julie was cringing most of the time, but she was great!!!

Ryan Billings said...

Hannah Montana... Nuff said.

j.urbin photography said...

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