So True?

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Hayley said...

Hey Kevin, thanks for commenting on my blog...its good to know someone reads it :-)
Have been reading yours lately, awesome blog!
Keep in touch!

Hayley said...

PS very cute kids by the way!

Anonymous said...

Well that could be a hookah. Which is just an egyptian tobacco water pipe. So I definitely agree with the statement (though I'm not going into politics) but I am not so solid about the picture. Plus who wears cut off work out shirts anymore anyways?

Ryan Billings said...

That is most definitely a hookah. Stoners don't exhale smoke that thick. ;)

Every generation has had the same problem - youngsters taking their time to grow up and be responsible. The baby boomers and Gen-Xers never seemed to grow up. Maybe we can do better.

Judging by the Michigan flag in background, this does explain the political scene there. :)

Kevin Davis said...

Ryan thanks for weighing in with your expertise and I wear cutt off tees all the time, especially the peach colored ones, or is that pink?

Mike McGarvey said...

That is for sure pink, and michigan, and a hookah.

Ryan Billings said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with pink or cut off shirts.

The real question is why they are holding each other?