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Like creation, this is an easy one for me. I just laid down with my wife and son, as they were drifting off into their Sunday naps and it reminded me of what a gift these relationships we have are. As I rubbed my son's forehead and admired his profile, I was reminded of what a gift from God he is. As I kissed my wife and touched her skin, I was reminded of how precious it is to share your life with someone. And I felt close to God, thankful to God and appreciative for all I have.

A mentor of mine in college once said that it is our relationships that are the most important things in life. I've grown to believe that the infamous 'meaning of life' question can be summed up in relationships. Our relationship with God, family, friends - even acquaintances - it is a beautiful gift. A gift that challenges us, grows us, supports us and betters us. And even in the heartbreak and pain that is so often associated with relationships, there are beautiful lessons of life and strength.

I always feel connected to God when I'm able to have a cup of coffee with someone or catch up with an old friend on the phone. Relationships are a gift and precious connection to the Creator.


Francois said...

Hey Kevin, I love your blog and have added it to my Blog roll (hope you don`t mind!).
Your love for God is a beautiful thing to behold.
My wife and I have re-dedicated our lives to God recently and we feel very priviledged to have done so.
Looking forward to your next post.

God Bless!

Jewel said...

That was soo nice. Sorry it has been awhile since I've been on here. We are so lucky to have the life we have together! I don't get the random picture, though!

kelliinreallife said...

Kevin, I definitely agree. I love the nights when my husband and I lay in bed with out toddler son and read a story, then say our prayers. I sometimes wish I could put those moments in a bottle and save them.

We are so blessed to have the privilege of sharing Gods love through relationships with others