Subsribers Lost?

Posted by Kevin |

I switched over to FeedBurner today and all my previous subscribers were lost. If you used to subscribe, check your reader or click - Subscribe in a reader
If you didn't previously click - Subscribe in a reader


Helen said...

You asked me on my blog why I switched to wordpress..well mainly because all the really techno people from my church said it was better and honestly I do really like it. It has a lot more options than blogger in my opinion and though I haven't figured it all out yet, I already like it a lot.

Rev Med said...

don't worry, i'm still here dude

Ryan Billings said...

Subscribers Lost?

They were never really there.:(

C. Marie Byars said...

Thanks for visiting my blog & leaving a comment. Seems like the nature thing is up your alley. Although I can be very analytical (esp. for a woman)in the rest of my life, in my spiritual life, I'm actually kind of "concrete" & "physical", except for the majesty & mystery of God, of course. What usually comes up in Bible classes is "just words" or "just concepts" to me---I know the answers, usually, to what the questions are in the discussion, but it takes that physical aspect, that use of the senses, to really engage me in learning.