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Wow is all I can say - can't believe how crazy my life has gotten and how negligent I've been of this blog. Thanks to all who either left me threatening comments or sent me emails to let my know you missed me. I have been lacking the capacity to blog here, but let me fill you in on some of the details of my life over the last two months.

  • Found out Julie is pregnant with another boy - dang! - which means 4 kids might be in our future (I'm voting the "adoption" route to guarantee the girl). But mommy and baby Elijah (Eli) are doing good.
  • Launched a 2nd small group that we host and lead - it has been an amazing experience.
  • Work went from busy to ridiculous as GM continues to climb out of the hole they are in - naturally I'm in that same hole.
  • Julie got hired onto a part time gig with our community as a campus director for pre-school ministries. It is totally up her alley and she rocks at it.
  • Spent a lot of time with couples and individuals struggling through marriage, addiction and life - it has been really cool the people God has been crossing our paths with.
  • Went to the Adele concert in Detroit - awesome time (I'll post more on it).
  • Began fund raising to launch a recovery focused ministry in our church community in the Fall - shot a video that is going to be awesome!
  • Had our first leaders gathering for said ministry and it was off the hook - can't wait to see where God takes us.
  • Have been networking with local churches who have recovery focused ministries - some really cool relationships are starting to take shape.
  • And though all that is keeping me preoccupied, we've created dedicated nights for family time, daddy time, lego time, etc - which is a full time job in it's self. I love my boys and my wife.
So - here's to blogging. Thanks to all my friends who rock and my life what it is.


Nicole said...

Congrats on the upcoming baby boy!

Look at it this way... if you adopt, not only can you guarantee a girl, but you can make a difference in that little girl's life. Food for thought. :o)

Kevin Davis said...

Nicole - thanks and true. The other benefit is that we can diversify this white family and get a little culture.

Nicky said...

Congratulations on a boy! Personally, I don't know why that means you *must* make the jump from 2 to 4 kiddos...I mean, 3 is great--you should know that! LOL ;o)

Definately missed your blog, but I understand completely about being busy in life. Welcome back, however brief it may be!

allie said...

We should be the ones saying "Wow!"
I'm stunned.

What a work load you have Kevin - you're obviously loving it and I think thats awesome.
Equally obviously God is giving you and your wife the stamina to get it all done.
He's amazing - and you two must be something yourselves.

4 kids is a great number - I know, I have 4 myself.
Glad to hear your wife and baby are doing fine.


Kevin Davis said...

Nicky - the *must* is that we both really want a girl - but if I was going to have my kids all be the same sex, I'm glad to be having a 3rd boy.

Allie - Thanks and my wife is amazing - lots of cool things happening and I can't wait to see where we are in 6 months from now.