Bloggin' Lazy

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So I've taken an unintentional break from my blogging endevours - life's been crazy. So this video is a good way to kick things off again!



Kelly2|42StuCo said...

That's just not right, Kev!

Anonymous said...

i was really starting to miss you man

Kevin Davis said...

Kelly - but you liked it didn't you?

Justin - I miss you too.

jesselcook said...

oh crap.

allie said...

I loved it!
Specially the side views. .
Listen, your timing ito blogging-blegh is way off: I've just come back from mine and was looking forward to checking in to see what you're up to.
Don't stay away too long, ok?

Schnegel said...

This video is silly--- but it takes our minds away from a week where our Marxist leader of the once free world has begun nationalizing the banks and a major industrial company and then opologizes to the Europeans for America's past treatments.

allie said...

You EVER coming back??

Happy Easter, by the way.

Schnegel said...

Where are you Kev?!
Just got back from Lansing- Threw a little tea! A lot of "who is John Galt" signs. Aren't you glad you read the book?

"Don't tread on me!"
"I love my Country, but fear it's Government!"
Sorry Kev, I'm still pumped up. The old radical in me has been stoked.

Jason Harper said...

ok man- you're officially "really lazy" now. Fingers broken?

daviddonovan@chartermi.net said...

Schnegel you son of a gun, don't you know that the masked adventurer fade is over. "who's watching the watchmen?"
I'm glad you're back raising heck!(going to Lansing) Just removed the Ron Paul sticker from my truck. Can you get me a Who is John Galt for my bumper?
Schnegel, It seems that this TWITTERING that these young guys do is simular to the speech patterns of DR. Manhatten, they just need to post a few twits in the future.

Bob Smith said...

BOYCOTT begins - Unless We get a new post soon! I will organize a boycott and start reading posts by other bloggers that care enough about the people that follow them to post something thoughtful - Copy!

Schnegel said...

Right-on Right -on!! BOYCOTT!
I got some poster board and sticks for the signs.
"If you want a drink of water you've got to dip it from the well-If you want to get to Heaven, you got to raise a little hell!

Serious Note: Any of you on this blog that are serious about the state of our republic (yes, I said Republic- not Democracy) please go to WJR Radio's Frank Beckman Show website and listen to the interview with Paul Rahe. Then let me know what you think. (Or Kevin, the metaphysical blogger)

Hey Kevin (If you are real) and Bob Smith?, Just got through the Intro of THE FORGOTTEN WAY-Awesome thus far.
David, I think you meant fad not fade. Remember: Evil must be punished-even in the face of armageddon!