Review: Dinner with a Perfect Stranger

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Got some new books from my friends over at Random House publishing and enjoyed these short reads.

Dinner with a Perfect Stranger
is a fictional story of what happens when a man named Nick is invited to have dinner with Jesus. What I loved about the book is the relational perspective it gave of Jesus. The idea that he has always been in love with you and has always been pursuing you. It also gave an example of what relational evangelism should be about - dialogue, not preaching and condemning. But, in my opinion, I disliked that it still let the weight of the dialogue depend on logic, evidence and a more Modernists way of conversation - it was apologics heavy. But it was still a good read.

a Day with a Perfect Stranger was the follow up fictional story of Mattie, the wife of Nick, and her encounter with Jesus - who she wanted nothing to do with. Also a good, short read with the same likes and dislikes.

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sharkiepatronus said...

I have read both of these. I really enjoyed both of them, and while I think they do at times border on the fantastic, I think they are excellent reads, and might be a good book to pass on to those who might be wondering about this Jesus guy you keep talking about.