Review: The Echo Within

Posted by Kevin |


Hooked up with my friends over at Random House to post a review of The Echo Within, by Robert Benson.

This was an enjoyable, short read. There have been a few books related to this issue released in the last few years, a kind of echo of echos - if you will. But it is about learning to listen to the voice of God - deciphering how you hear it.

I love books like this because they have a simple yet profound truth to them. The kind of truth that has value for you today and has value for you to reread in the future.

The part I loved the most was that we do not need to distrust the voice within, though it should be weighed, God often speaks through the internal echo of our hearts. We should learn to recognize the difference and then trust and act in obedience.

I would venture to say that we don't spend enough time trying to hear from God let alone learning to recognize the way in which he speaks to us.