The Evolution of Man

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Don't ask why?

I thought these were either funny or an interesting satire on life - what about you?


allie said...

Great satire!

And funny (or sad, depending on your frame of mind!)

Ryan Billings said...

I don't understand why the guy pushing the baby stroller isn't naked.


just_me_tiff said...

I love it! especially the one with the guy that is very overweight and eating fast food.

Kevin Davis said...

Allie - that's what I liked - they were either a funny satire or a sad one.

Ryan - great question - I don't get it either?

Tiff - the one that I relate with the most is the 1st, with the guy on the computer. I spend all day in a cube tapping away on the keyboard and my ancestors hunted and did industrial things - feel like a pansy.

Heather Nicole said...

Love it! I'd like to see this same thing but with women...THAT would be funny :)

Kevin Davis said...

Nicole - what progression would would be different for women? It'd be hard to show botox and plastic 'enhancements.' Could definitely show how the 'size' of woman and beauty has changed - that would be interesting fo sho.

sharkiepatronus said...

I like the lego one, as it is a satire on all of the "evolution of man" drawings.

allie said...

Hey Kevin!

I have just seen your comment on sitting all day in a 'cube' at work - made me think of one of my all time favourite movies:

Office Space.

I have the dvd and musta watched the movie a dozen times over the years.
i love it.

Please tell me you've seen it?
If not, you have to go RIGHT NOW and get the dvd, ok?

Kevin Davis said...

Allie - definitely seen it and it's a great satire on my work life - I love the Office (tv sereis) even more tough - but they are both awesome.

Dean Holly said...

so true--esp. the fast food