In memory of the great moral leader of our country, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and one the greatest speech in American History.

I have never been able to listen to this speech and not be affected. The King deserves this day on our calendars so that we remember how far we've come in this country, so we remember the great transgressions we are capable of and so we remember that change can brought about in peace.

MLK had such clarity. He never wavered in his conviction to peacefully fight for the true equality of all God's people. He saw what was wrong, he knew what was right and possessed the ability to articulate that in a way that moved people to action. I have the utmost respect for Dr. King and am proud to say I live in a country where history can be written this way.


allie said...

A hearty Amen from SA!

You are living in momentous days in the USA

The Running Golfer said...

So right Kevin. I was fortunate enough to stand at the spot where MLK gave that momentous speech. I tell you, I was humbled in a profound way.

A great tribute to an even greater man. Good on ya.

Anonymous said...

He was a great man and delivered a fine speech. He fell short in his marriage, and is still an American icon. Props to him.