Review: Christian Writers' Market Guide 2009

Posted by Kevin |


Got a chance to review this market guide for aspiring Christian Writers from Random House Publishing.

This is a great resource for any and all who want there work published. It has been updated and revised to feature the latest on...

  • more than 1,200 markets for the written word
  • 416 book publishers
  • 654 periodicals
  • 96 literary agents
  • 100 new listings in Resources for Writers
  • 226 poetry markets
  • 316 photography markets
  • 25 African-American markets
  • and 166 contests
If you want to get your work out into the market, this is a great resource for you.


Corrie's Mike said...

Hey Kev I was toolin' around with the idea of writing a bit while i'm layed off. Is this worth the money? Mike

Kevin Davis said...

You can have mine - seriously I'll send it with Julie today.