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Fluidity is where all theology and practices of life begin. Like fluid, the journey of life takes us from origin to origin, from stage to stage, form birth to everlasting life. Life flows – whether we want it to or not. Time marches on and so we must too. We must learn to ride the flow of life, control what we can, accept what we can’t and appreciate each turn, bend and valley we travel through. Life is fluid.

The fluidity of life, like a river, encounters times of shallowness; times of deep waters teaming with life; times of rushing speeds and times of still, slow progression. And everything we encounter, every good and bad experience; everything we hear and see and feel; every painful memory and all the fun of life is absorbed in the fluidity of who we are.

So …where does a person being to process all they absorb? How does one begin to think through who they are and who they are meant to be? What is the origin of beliefs, religious thought and spiritual experiences for a person? How can I live the best life possible? How can I stand at the end of my life, looking back on my journey and hold the least amount of regrets possible? This question shakes me – it should shake you. As I flow through life I want to do it right, be better and correct my wrongs. I want to be living water.


The Running Golfer said...

I love this post, really got me thinking.