The King had a Dream.

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I'm re:posting this poem I wrote last year. Following yesterday's celebration of the first African American President, I thought it was fitting to remind ourselves of our individual responsibility to seek unity.


The King had a Dream
And it included me
The King had a dream
And it included we
Because it wasn’t just the King’s dream
It echo’s in our souls
From the depths of humanity
It is calling me
It is calling you
It is calling us to be one
And let this ignorance be done
It has taken enough
Cost enough, enslaved enough
Hated enough,
Separated long enough!
It is time,
It is time for you and me to be we
Because the King had a Dream
And because it continues with me
It continues when we become us
And when us struggles in unity
A struggle that is not easy
But is worth everything
Because it is a dream bigger than me
Than you
Than us
Because it wasn't just the King’s dream
It was birthed from the Creator
Innate in the complexity of His humanity
It is calling us
It is time for us
And may the world see what can be done
When you and me and we
Dream and act as one.


ponderingloudly said...

that's great, did you write that?

I spent half my morning reading your entire blog! It was great, inspiring, it's pointing to something in my soul that I had forgotten about.

thanks for writing

Julie said...

Wow, babe! That's awesome...I love it!

David Richardson said...

Good stuff, man!

First time visitor to your blog. Enjoyed it, and will be back.

- Sarah :-) said...

Yep - sorry to throw you off with my blog title. I tend to have the most random titles, and they sometimes have nothing to do with what I write. I don't know why - I think it's my crazy hyper brain that gets off on tangents all the time. I also like to throw in random blog labels... again with the brain!

Good luck with the tattoo contest - I've never seen anything like yours, so I thought it was perdy dang cool.

Kevin Davis said...

Interesting article - http://tinyurl.com/5n9d8w

C. Marie Byars said...

The "dream" theme in this poem & the oldest of yours published make me think a little about how "Narnia"---how England was so drab & Narnia was where the senses fully woke up. And, yet, God's presence is the same whether we perceive we're just sleepwalking through life or whether we're having one of those special "spiritual moments" when we seem more "waked up."

The Running Golfer said...


Kelli said...

I love this Kevin