Truth, Humility, Over Deployed...

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I assume most people have at least heard about the 'shoe throwing journalist' in Iraq, if not seen the footage, but it is a telling satire on America's standing in the world. But what I thought was most amazing about the footage is the crazy fast reaction time of George W. I thought it was really impressive.

And I guess it is also noteworthy how fast that journalist was able to take his shoe off and then launch it.

And I wonder where he is today?

I also appreciate how hindsight is 20/20 and that no one would have been able to predict the 8 years that followed debates like these...


allie said...

My husband's reaction was
IDENTICAL to yours!

Maybe La Boosh has received more accolades re his ducking abilities than for many of his other actions :-)

allie said...

I think that should read "Le Boosh"

Kevin Davis said...

Allie - kinda true, he would have made a good boxer with those 'ducking abilities.'

I also just heard on the radio this morning that the journalist received 7 years in prison of it - that's 3 and 1/2 years for each shoe! I imagine Iraq prison is nothing like American prison.

Ryan Billings said...

Bush is obviously well versed in dodging everything!

While very disrespectful and troublesome, this guy probably has every right to be pissed. If you read his story, he spends a lot of time reporting on the civilian victim's side of this war. Probably seen a lot of things we hope never to.

Chris said...

I suppose cat-like reflexes count for something!

Denise said...

i agree with Chris... if anything... we can be proud that our current President can dodge shoes like no other!

you know its kind of annoying that people just refer to President Bush as Bush... i mean whether or not people dislike him he is still our president and as thus deserves to still be called President Bush.

Ryan Billings said...

How about Dubya?

Denise said...

that's President Dubya to you ... lol j/k

Kevin Davis said...

Ryan - I definitely don't discredit the journalist's perspective in the situation. I would probably feel the same way if I were him.

Chris - definitely counts for something! lol

Denise - I agree, it is more fun to call him W or Dub or Bush though - but you are right.

Anonymous said...

Four points for you, Sir!

1.) You're a smelly pirate hooker
2.) Don't be jealous that we can be creative with our time cause we don't have kids
3.) It's impossible for men to have babies together
5.) Four points is too preachy
6.) Happy Holidays!!!!