Is This Too Far?

Posted by Kevin |


So there are a lot of people angered by SNL's depiction of the NY's blind Governor Paterson, namely the Governor himself and the National Federation for the Blind (article).

I consider all things funny in the game of comedy. I think it is good to be able to laugh at yourself and others - but is that right? What do you think?


Ryan Billings said...

Probably, but man that is a good impersonation.

Kevin Davis said...

It really is a good impersonation - and yes, I laughed at it.

Karli Kristine Zimmermann said...

....i mean. i laughed. guilty as charged. i don't know...i think some people are too sensitive. don't get me wrong, i do not think people should be mocked for their disabilities. however, this is snl. they are not mocking a particular disability. they are plain MOCKING the person. it's what they do. every one is mocked. just because the person is deaf does not mean they were being singled out because of that. i don't know....but i laughed...