Goals For The New Year

Posted by Kevin |

1. Baptize
I want to be apart of at least 1 of my friends baptisms in 2009. In 2008 a few of my friends made that step in their faith and I missed it - not in '09!

2. Publish
I want to publish an article in a notable/circulated journal or magazine in 2009. I've been working on a number of articles for a while now and am determined to accomplish this in the New Year. Notable is totally a subjective way to write a goal which should be concrete, but we'll have to see how this plays out.

3. Speak
In 2009 I want to line up more speaking engagements. I was able to teach and speak publicly a few times in 2008, but I love doing it and am making it a goal for '09.

4. Mission
I need to be a better friend to my neighbor, not metaphorically speaking, my actual neighbors. Many of them are longing for community and friendship and I have not made the time commitment to them - I'm a jerk - so in 2009 I'm changing that.

5. Maintain
This is actually the hardest one for me - I suck at maintaining. I hit things like a comet and then move on. So in 2009 I'm making it a goal to maintain consistency in my blogging endeavors, consistency in my health and diet and consistency in my journey and development as a follower of Jesus.


Heather Nicole said...

Those are some very good goals for 2009. Keep us posted on your progress!

Have a safe and Happy New Year with your beautiful family!

allie said...

Oh to be so crystal clear about what you want to achieve!

Your post has inspired me to rethink my attitude - maybe change my "Hope List" to an "Intend List"

It is God who causes us to will and to do of His good pleaure.
You go for it.

sharkiepatronus said...

Wow... You are very concrete with your goals! I love it!

Now to work on my own list.

Kevin Davis said...

Thanks Heather, Allie and Stacey - I'll keep you posted.

Justin Chandler said...
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Justin Chandler said...

I'm looking to do some more writing also. I've got something lined up with the digital end of a magazine. At least it's a foot in the door...

Kevin Davis said...

Chandler - keep me updated, that sounds cool. Let me know if you need anyone to pre-read it for you.