Getting Some Ink On My Bday

Posted by Kevin |

Today is my birthday and I'm going to get a new tattoo.

This is a meaningful one for me, as it has been my story for the last few years. I'm reminded constantly that my failures can be my strength - that God's grace is sufficient. I try to live this frail human existence, not in pretense of my own power or might, but in recognition of my frailty and a greater power that holds it all together. A greater power who sees the bigger picture, who knows better than I and whose grace is sufficient enough, even for me.

I'll post some pic's of my pain when I'm done.


Anonymous said...

absolutely aweseome!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday KEVIN!!! :D

Ryan Billings said...

First of all, sweet ink!

Secondly, depending on where you place this tat, there are numerous interpretations of its real meaning. Just think about it...


Kevin Davis said...

Justin - thanks.

Denise - thanks.

Ryan - you're a moron ;) seriously.

Hayley said...

Happy Birthday!

Awesome tattoo!

Karli Kristine Zimmermann said...

first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
My lovely mother had her birthday yesterday. almost birthday twins.
secondly, YES. the tattoo. so good. do post pics.
I've been wanting a tattoo for over a year now. gotta start designing one.

Francois said...

Happy birthday Kev! I know it`s gonna be an awesome day and an even better year for you and your family.

Julie said...

Still not my favorite thing, but I am glad they make you happy. You deserve to be happy

Kevin Davis said...

Hayley - thanks.

Karli - thanks and just know that they really are addicting once you start.

Francois - thanks man.

Julie - love ya.

allie said...

Am a bit late , I know but I hope you had a fantastic birthday.

Love your thoughts around your tattoo word