A Beautiful Constant

Posted by Kevin |

Things have been crazy busy with the regular Holiday season kinda stuff and then life and church stuff. But these two little guys are a beautiful constant in Julie and I's life.

The real blessing of kids is that whether I succeed or fail - they don't care. Micah and Kaiden aren't concerned with the economy, they innocently trust. They don't know what my passions and dreams are, they just want me to play legos with them. They are a beautiful reminder of what is important in life - they keep me grounded and I can't wait to get home tonight to play with them.

Thanks to our friend Kirstynn for the photo's.


Ryan Billings said...

I still can't believe that you were able to produce such beautiful kids. Must be Julie! :D

Seriously though, life is amazing. Being a kid might be the best time of a person's life. The problems and biases of the world are annoying, boring things mom and dad talk about. The important issues revolve around staying in the lines, finishing your lego castle, and eating snow. I wish we could live life backwards, being wise and youthful.

Makes me want to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button even more.

Kevin Davis said...


Remember when we used that photo booth thing at Dave N Buster's to see what our kids would look like - hilarious and gross.

Nicky said...

Those are great pictures, and seriously adorable kids!

just_me_tiff said...

i love love love those pictures!

Ryan Billings said...

Kev, I do remember, and they sure as hell didn't look like Micah and Kaiden. Sperm + Sperm =/= Pretty Baby

Karli Kristine Zimmermann said...

i do not have children yet, but when i do, i hope they are half as adorable as yours. MY GOODNESS. Gerber babies. Go hug them.

Heather Nicole said...

They are beautiful babies!