This One Is For The King

Posted by Kevin |

Saw this, loved it and now I'm reposting it. Putting politics aside for the moment, I love what this picture says about our countries past and it's future. I'm a big fan of Dr Martin Lurther King, Jr and he is who I was thinking about as I watched Barack's speech Tuesday night.

I love that we've been able to come this far. I love that through peaceful demonstrations MLK paved a path that lead to this moment. I feel indebted to all of those, both black and white, that struggled for this moment in our history.

And now I hope this is another big step in bridging the racial divides of our country.


Denise said...

i hope so too... (:

Francois said...

Kev, I must tell you our country came to a standstill on Wednesday morning during Obama`s speech. It is going to be remembered as one of those "I was here / there when I listened to that speech" moments.

I remember standing at the spot where Martin Luther King Jr gave his "I had a dream" speech in Washington and just feeling so humbled. I`m sure Obama`s speech is gonna have that impact in years to come.