Sad...Just Sad.

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I'm sure a lot of you already heard this story - but it is truly sad and a telling commentary on how ridiculous the 'Holiday' season is in America. Thanks to Ragamuffin Soul for posting it.


Anonymous said...

Like I said in my post...
Maybe we should take every penny we'd spend on junk and give it.
that might save a life

Anonymous said...

Consumerism is a black temptation, it creeps and it never sleeps.

We all fall for it here
I love my Iphone check out my apps. Its outer shell is shiny like metal.

Yum, that burger has been on my TV for days. On my Flatscreen it almost has taste. I am in love.

What you worship is the apple of your eye. It seems as if some would Kill for a deal!

When the wise preached less can be more. We heard get more for less. It frenzied us like sharks.

Maybe the mistake was waiting in line with a bunch of zombies at 4am!!!!!!!!! What the Crap!

Heather Nicole said...

wow,this is just unbelievable. My prayers go out to this mans family.