And That Was A Deer!

Posted by Kevin |

I know these pic's are gross, but this story is amazing.

Apparently the owner of this BMW was crusing down the autobahn in Germany at 140 mph when he hit a deer - the deer then disappeared. Which left two options, either the deer vaporized or was now lodged inside the engine - the ladder is obviously the outcome.



Nicky said...

Thank God it wasn't a person! Ew.

Hayley said...

I know its sad and gross and all....but my word, that is fascinating.....okay I cant stop looking...maybe there is something worng with me....and I really do love animals....but still....okay still looking....closing your blog now.

Okay still looking....

Kevin Davis said...

I know what you mean Hayley - that is why I posted it.

Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated by this kind of stuff. EEEEWWWWW and COOOLLLL!!!! come to my mind simultaneously.