Below is a comment I received over the weekend that is hilarious. Enjoy!
I came across this blog by chance. You enlightened 20-something, so called Christians, crack me up. "Wrestled with your decision" - You didn't wrestle with anything. Be honest your mind was made up long ago. It’s obvious with the orgasm you’re now posting about Obama. All that matters to you is that the "Black" guy won. You excuse “life” for “other issues”. Do you even have a clue what his issues are? Did you even research what the guy wrote in his book? He’s an admitted socialist. He’s pro gay marriage, pro infanticide on a botched abortion, he voted 44 times on legislation to raise taxes: His racist pastor, his ties and sympathies to terrorism, his hatred for the Jew whom you all claim to serve. – the fact are there. They’re in prin. They’re in his books & writings. Well I’m not going to try and convince you bunch of dopes just how blind you are. Because you want to be blind. You want to want to trade a real messiah for this one. I hope you get everything you deserve.
Why so angry? It made me laugh and I continued to find humor in how some anonymous person who won't put a name to their thoughts is questioning the legitimacy of my faith. I didn't know I was having an orgasm for Obama either. I was just excited that our country has taken a huge leap in bridging the civil rights abuses of our past.

I guess by re:posting this comment I'm giving Mr A props he doesn't deserve and yes I assume he is guy - girls aren't that stupid. Right?

Mr A you should calm down, stop assuming you know me and stop pretending like random comments like this are accomplishing anything. No one needs your anonymous hatred.


Denise said...

when people leave you hateful comments it's just a clear sign that you are internet popular... lol.

btw, you should so so so read the Harry Potter books... they are so much more amazing!! <3

Francois said...

Yip, saw the comment when it came through the other night. Obviously not man enough to leave a name to his hissy fit. Don`t worry Kev, anybody who knows you even just a little bit knows what you`re made of.
I laughed it off, just like you did.

Kirstynn Evans said...

Girls really aren't that stupid. Plus, isn't the whole point of a blog so you can leave your opinion freely? Gotta love it!

just_me_tiff said...

you stopped in on my baby shower blog? that's random! but hi! i read your blog every now and then, i was fortunate to stop in on this one though! This guy is intense and he seems to believe that young voters made this did not, and probably never will. you can't count on college age, young adults to make or break an election...remember paris hilton (vote or die?)

Aaron said...

Hilarious!!! Gotta love people.