After hearing about the 'Letter from 2012 in Obama's America' from my #1 commenter Ryan Billings, I'm joining Jim Wallis and other bloggers of faith asking Dr Dobson to apologize for the ridiculousness of this letter.

Even though Ryan and I don't see eye to eye on issues of faith and politics, we have been friends since Jr. High and he has a way of keeping me grounded (and as a side note, he has yet to actually post something of his own, his blog is mad boring).

Anyway, let me be clear that I'm not a hater on Dr Dobson or Focus On The Family. I grew up in Colorado Springs and have many friends who worked there and have heard him speak numerous times.

However, this is the exact reason I hate Christians excersizing their voice in our Democracy. We have an unfortunate tendency to be just as polarizing and demonizing as those who don't share our faith. And the unfortunate part of doing it in the name of religion is that we further the divide between ourselves and the 'others' who don't agree with us. This letter comes across ignorant and offensive, and I'm a Christ follower. This letter paints us exactly how so many 'others' see us, as irrational, un-intelligent and blind fools following a religion.

That is not me, that is not my faith and this letter is wrong. So on behalf of Christians who seek a higher ground in America and political involvement, I'm sorry - we're not all this way.


allie said...

Haven't read the letter yet but can imagine.

It's this kind of thinking that has caused me to call myself a Christ follower rather than a Christian (as I see you do too)

But it bothers me.

It is another way that we are divided: there seem to be no end to the ways we can find to do that.

But listen to this verse -(I would bet good money that you have never heard a sermon on this! I never have):
"For first of all, when you come together as a church, I hear that there are divisions among you, and in part, I believe it.

For there must also be factions among you, that those who are approved may be recognized among you."
1 Corinthians 11:18+19

And that makes sense to me - we will disagree and we should.
But the love and mutual respect should remain.
(NOte "among you" is repeated 3 times and "when you come together" is saying the same thing. So I'm thinking: he means find a way to stay together in the midst of your disagreements)

What do you think?

(Sorry about the sermon - you got me going!)

Kevin Davis said...

No problem Allie.

I have heard sermons taught on dissension in the church, but I have never been in a church culture that didn't create an environment of conformity. Unfortunately, not being divisive is played out in not rocking the boat or breaking the status quo. Churches too often expect conversion to be their way of living a Christian life, not the Way of following Christ.

We too often want to tell people how to think instead of stimulating them to think for themselves. And we lack the maturity to handle relationships with love and respect when we differ on issues and practices.

allie said...

So agree with everything you say, kEVIN!

Ryan Billings said...

Wow! A special edition just for me?! Thanks buddy.

I keep saying I'm going to blog, but I find myself more interested in what others have to say. Plus, with the election winding down, there probably won't be enough drama to blog about. Alas, I will try and get on it soon.

I had an interesting talk with my father whom lives in Colorado Springs and is an unapologetic Focus on the Family nuthugger. However, even he is worried about what has been coming out of Dobson's mouth in the past few months, from praying for rain during the DNC to this letter.

Fear is something we all deal with. We don't need spiritual leaders to stoke the fire. We need spiritual leaders to give us hope and stimulate our faith, whatever faith that may be.

BTW, remember suck and blow? It's OK if you have buried that demon. Haha

Carrie said...

OK, I guess I'll have to think more about this one.

I don't agree with the speculation on terrorism/ foreign policy but the first part of the letter (the Supreme Court) does sound plausible. I do think that many of us may not think enough about the huge power of the Supreme Court and the next Pres, if it is Obama, will almost certainly appoint 2 justices. Honestly I don't see "lack of respect" in the letter. Maybe I need to read it more carefully.

Ryan Billings said...

Obama has stated on many occasions that he will not use a litmus test when appointing Supreme Court Justices. What you may see, are nominations for people that are the minority in ethnically and culturally.

Why didn't FOTF write a letter entitled "Letter from 2012 in McCain's America" and talk about the positives of their (I would assume) candidate?

Jason said...

Carrie - the offensive part to me is the demonizing speculation on totally hypothetical outcomes. I, like Ryan, would have preferred that they made speculations based on the candidate they are supporting. I don't know if you read the 'blogger' link in the post, but it is to an article called 'Back to the Future with FOTF' - it raises some really good points about why it was stupid to do.

The main reason it offends me is that it makes us of the Christian faith look stupid.

Ashley A said...

You wouldn't believe who lost his blogging virginity...thanks to this post... :)

Denise said...

hey, i can't read the letter

Kevin Davis said...

Denise - it works for me. It's a pdf link - if you can't get it to work try and google it, there are plenty of people linking to it and talking about it.

Denise said...

ok, so i read it... i really don't know how to respond... it sucks because that letter only confirms the stereotype that Christian people can be close minded and at often times ridiculous...

i apologize on behalf of on Dobson's behalf as well.

sharkiepatronus said...

Where the church of today codemns and ridicules Christ called us to love. Jesus loved and interacted with those people that the "mainstream" modern day church mocks and condemns...

And while I think that the WWJD phenomenon went overboard, I hav to wonder what changes we would see int he world if we actually asked ourselves, What Would Jesus Do?

Kevin Davis said...

Too true Sharkiepatronus - too true.